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METCHEM BV is a company based in the Netherlands that specialises in recycling both solid and liquid chemical waste streams. Our primary objective is to make sure that all of the chemical waste we deal with is processed by reputable, well established companies that operate and are regulated in full compliance with the relevant European environmental legislation. We undertake both the transportation and the licensing procedures for the waste materials.

  • We consider the successful treatment of complex waste materials as an interesting challenge for us.
  • Our wide experience often allows for the economical re-use of industrial by- products, surplus stocks and residues within other industries.
  • A particular strength of METCHEM BV lies in our ability to process almost any type of chemical waste that contains economical quantities of recoverable metals, for example used catalysts.
  • METCHEM BV can also supply a range of new catalysts, as agents for the renowned Polish manufacturing company INS.