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Supply of new catalysts

METCHEM BV can also supply many types of new catalysts which are manufactured by the well known producer INS in Poland.

INS (Instytut Nowych Syntez Chemicznych) was formed in 1936 and is an agricultural research institute. INS commenced the manufacture of catalysts for use within Poland in the late 1960’s, eventually expanding to export these catalysts to other East European countries. Nowadays INS employs over 400 people and produces a complete range of catalysts and services.


In 2000 METCHEM BV was appointed as exclusive agents for the supply of all INS catalysts and other products in areas outside of Eastern Europe.

The range of catalysts produced by INS are of excellent quality and they are very competitively priced. INS also provides technical support for customers to assist with process optimisation and innovative applications.

These innovative applications can include the licensing of patented INS technology and the supply of specialised equipment to improve existing manufacturing process.

INS is also active in the following areas:
  • Production of fluid fertilisers (micro nutrients)
  • Hop extracts for beer production.
  • Nitric acid from an unique research process.
For further information on INS please go to their website.