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Importance of accurate sampling and analysis.

Because the eventual revenue of spent catalysts is very often related to the determined metal content, correct and representative sampling is of the utmost importance. Anyone can make an attractive offer, but to guarantee that the customer will be paid according to the exact amount of metal is not that obvious. This is why Metchem stands out in the market.

Determining the exact amount of metal is a complicated process, which is determined by accurate analysis on one hand, and representative sampling on the other. Each drum or bigbag will be carefully monitored during these procedures.

It is not obvious that a certain spent catalyst is completely homogenous. Therefore it is out of question to have only some drums sampled”.  

Spent catalysts delivered to Metchem, will not be processed until the customer agrees with the analysis and clearly instructs Metchem to process these goods for recycling. Additionally, Metchem can offer you the unique possibility of contacting an independent sampling agency (such as AH Knight, Alex Stewart, SGS, etc.). This can take place directly, or if the analysis turns out to be different than  expected. In this way we can guarantee that every kg of metal content is actually compensated to the customer.






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Importance of accurate sampling and analysis.
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