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Recycled waste, by-products and residues

Our company, which is located in Goor in the Netherlands, can often assist you in finding useful applications for your chemical waste streams.

Thanks to our wide range of international contacts, we can offer an environmentally acceptable and financially attractive solution for the disposal of your chemical waste, by-products and residues.


Processing or disposing of chemical waste is often a very expensive and highly specialized matter, however our ability to find applications, sometimes within unrelated industries, can often save considerable expense and is a much better environmental option.

Unwanted by-products are created in almost every production process. Often these by products can be used in other processes, but you need to know where to find a buyer. With our wide range of international contacts we should be able to assist.

By means of personal contact and prompt and friendly service we try to keep ahead of our competitors. Our present customers include international chemical companies who have contracted with us to dispose of some of their waste streams. References can be provided on request.

Please contact us to find out how we may be able to help you.